A “visual error” on the Binance caused a brief but intense moment of shock

visual error on the Binance

A quick look at the Binance dashboard was enough to make your heart beat faster: the Bitcoin price seemingly shot to infinity, showing a whopping $424,000! A crypto fairy tale? Unfortunately no. A “visual error” on the world’s largest crypto exchange caused a brief but intense moment of shock.

Bitcoin (BTC) price on Binance: $424,000 shock for customers

It wasn’t the first time that Binance found itself in a price range that made even experienced traders hold their breath. Last year, the Bitcoin price on the Binance.US platform climbed to a whopping $138,000, driven by a veritable rush of users during heated regulatory debates in the USA.

But this time it was different. What looked like an incredible increase in value was dismissed by Binance as a “visual error.” On their futures platform, in the BTC/USDT pair, the price suddenly rose to $424,000. A colossal “bug” in the ad, the exchange later assured.

Breathe a sigh of relief: Neither customer nor exchange funds are affected by the “visual error”.

The uncertainty was brief and the Bitcoin price was quickly corrected back to normal levels. Binance rushed to explain via the social media platform “ X ” (formerly Twitter): “We are aware of the visual error in the futures in the Bitcoin/USDT parity. Transactions are not affected by this error and our teams are working to correct the error.”

The affected users may have dreamed of great crypto luck for a brief moment. But reality prevailed and the exchange assured that neither customer nor exchange funds were affected by this error. A short but exciting excursion into the crypto wonderland that once again highlights the volatile nature of digital markets.

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