Bitcoin ETF: Secret meeting with SEC boss Gensler revealed

Bitcoin ETF

Things are simmering in the hallowed halls of the SEC and the crypto world is holding its breath: a mysterious meeting between SEC boss Gary Gensler’s top team and representatives of Bitcoin ETF contender Hashdex is causing a stir. While the countdown to the decision on the first Bitcoin spot ETF is underway, negotiations are going on at full speed behind the scenes.

Bitcoin ETF: Secret meeting with SEC boss Gensler revealed

The meeting, which differed from the usual discussions with the “Transactions and Markets” or “Corporate Finance” departments, took place on Tuesday. Hashdex, one of the companies eagerly awaiting the coveted approval, has not only met with the SEC again, but this time with the exclusive team that reports directly to Gensler.

The explosive information about the rendezvous was revealed by James Seyffart, an ETF analyst at Bloomberg, in a tweet . His words suggest that this was no ordinary meeting: “This meeting took place with the team that reports directly to Gensler. So we can say that it is different from most meetings with the ‘Transactions and Markets’ or ‘Corporate Finance’ departments.”

The crypto community is puzzling over the background

According to the official document presented by Seyffart, Samantha Ostrom of the Gensler-affiliated Policy Council and Samir Kerbage of Hashdex met. The main topics of the conversation revolved around the NYSE Arca’s proposed rule change regarding the Hashdex Bitcoin Spot ETF.

The crypto community is puzzling over the background to this mysterious meeting. While the clock for the decision on the much-awaited Bitcoin ETF is ticking inexorably. What really went on behind closed doors? The answer to this could seal the future of the Bitcoin ETF and thus the fate of numerous crypto investors. The drama about the crypto future is entering the next round. 

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