Launches Global Brand Campaign Featuring Hollywood Veterans

Centralized digital currency trading platform, has launched its Global Brand Campaign with a video commercial featuring a host of Hollywood veterans, including Matt Damon, Oscar Award-winning Director Wally Pfister, and producer David Fincher. 

The ad campaign seeks to introduce the platform to a new crop of global users, and it features a video in which Damon highlights the company’s own ethos while inspiring those who want to change the course of history with a timeless phrase, “Fortune Favours the Brave” first uttered thousands of years ago.

“The timing of this campaign coincides with the early stages of mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency, something we’ve been hard at work to advance since our founding five years ago,” said Co-Founder and CEO Kris Marszalek. “We’re very excited to introduce our company to a global audience inviting them to our secure platform with a message focused on financial independence and self-determination.” is a very prominent exchange for global recognition and partnerships with top brands, all in a bid to push forth its platform beyond borders. The outfits the exchange has partnered with include Formula 1, Aston Martin, UFC, and Paris Saint-Germain. The essence of the company’s campaign is to reinforce its contributions to the development of Web3.0 by creating equitable access to digital currencies across the board.

In addition, is committed to corporate social responsibilities to bolster its brand image and awareness. The trading platform said it has donated $1 million to; a not-for-profit organization co-founded by Damon and which helps people access safe water and sanitation.

“Much like what we’re doing with, is a cryptocurrency platform that shares my commitment to empowering people around the globe with the tools needed to take control of their futures,” said Matt Damon. “They have built a crypto platform that is accessible and puts people first.”

Adverts for crypto firms are becoming a common phenomenon today. Per an earlier  report, the advert of meme coin Floki Inu flooded the transport system in London in a bid to attract retail investors to inject funds into the digital token.
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