Media giant Forbes relies on the Ethereum blockchain: Can the ETH price continue to rise?


As a leading global media company, Forbes has taken a groundbreaking step in combining traditional media and blockchain technology. With the launch of its famous Under 30 list on the Ethereum Blockchain, Forbes is setting new standards in digital data storage and transparency.

Forbes integrates Ethereum Blockchain: The Under 30 list enters the era of Web3

The Under 30 List, known for showcasing the most outstanding young entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders, is now using the Ethereum blockchain to permanently store its data. Each category and individual profile on the list is recorded on the blockchain, preserving the achievements and stories of these extraordinary individuals forever.

Vadim Supitskiy, Chief Digital and Information Officer at Forbes, emphasizes that with this initiative the company not only recognizes the influential young leaders, but also demonstrates the enormous potential of blockchain technology in the field of data storage and security.

This launch is part of Forbes’ effort to explore and embrace the future of technology, particularly the Web3 space. Taha Ahmed, Chief Growth Officer at Forbes, is excited about the ways blockchain and Web3 technologies can revolutionize the way we share, store and secure important information.

The “30 Under 30 Finance 2024” list includes outstanding personalities from the crypto industry. This signals Forbes’ recognition of the growing influence of the digital currency sector. This year’s selection process was overseen by a jury of experts. This included Jeremy Allaire, co-founder and CEO of Circle, and other prominent Web3 personalities.

The integration of Forbes’ Under 30 list into the Ethereum blockchain is a significant step into the digital future. It illustrates how traditional media and advanced blockchain technology can come together to enable persistent, transparent and secure data storage. This development marks the beginning of a new era in the media landscape and could pave the way for similar initiatives in the digital world.

Web3 and media: Blockchain and cryptocurrencies as the future of content delivery

Web3 represents a new internet era based on blockchain technology. This innovation offers the opportunity to decentralize the Internet and transfer power from centralized authorities to users. Web3 enables a token-based economy in which users are rewarded for their online interactions, opening up new perspectives for the media industry.

Web3 offers a number of advantages in the media industry that could complement or challenge the traditional system. Content producers receive more autonomy over their data and works, while consumers can actively participate in the creation of the content and be rewarded for it. Intermediaries benefit from increased transparency and trust through blockchain technology.

Forbes’ inclusion of the Ethereum blockchain in their Under 30 list is an example of how Web3 is influencing the media world. Platforms like Mirror and Audius show how creatives can communicate their works directly to the target group and thereby take advantage of the advantages of blockchain.

Forbes has taken an innovative step by storing its Under 30 list on the Ethereum blockchain. This measure ensures the long-term achievements of young leaders and demonstrates the potential of blockchain for data security and storage.

Forbes› Commitment to Web3 shows how traditional media can merge with new technology. The integration into the Ethereum blockchain is just the beginning of a series of initiatives. These aim to revolutionize the way we deal with important information. Now let’s look at how the whole thing affected the Ethereum price and how the ETH price is now developing.

Ethereum chart analysis: ETH breakout successful – what happens next?

Ethereum started the year with impressive price movements. After reaching a temporary high in April, a positive development now appears to be emerging. Ethereum has broken through several key resistance levels, indicating a continued bullish market phase.

The ETH price has increased from a low of around $1,600 to over $2,300, an increase of around 40 percent. A key breakout from the falling triangle shape contributed to this upswing and further strengthened the momentum.

A so-called golden cross occurred in the last few trading days. This technical formation, marked by the short-term moving average crossing above the long-term moving average, suggests another bullish trend. The price has currently corrected slightly to around $2,294 and a new resistance zone is forming.

Analysis of the Bollinger Bands and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) shows that both indicators are currently at high values. This could indicate that Ethereum price could see some minor consolidation in the near future.


To continue the positive trend, it is important that Ethereum does not break below the $1,600 level again to establish a new higher low. A stabilization of the price above the $2,300 mark, or at least above $2,250, would be ideal.

Ethereum demonstrates strong performance and overcomes important resistance. With the Golden Cross and other positive signals, Ethereum could be on its way to further strengthening its position and consolidating the bull market. Monitoring the key levels will be crucial to assess the further development of the ETH price.

Conclusion on the Web3 future and forecast for Ethereum

The inclusion of crypto industry figures in Forbes’ Under 30 list highlights the importance of the digital currency sector. The list, created with the help of a jury of Web3 experts, signals the increasing interconnection of traditional media and cryptocurrencies.

Stay tuned for daily cryptocurrency news!

Forbes’ use of the Ethereum blockchain for its Under 30 list is a significant step towards a digital future. This initiative shows how the combination of traditional media and blockchain technology enables permanent, transparent and secure data storage. And represents a milestone in the digital media landscape. Such developments could fundamentally change the way we share and retain information.

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