Lugano celebrates first Plan B Forum as a success


Lugano celebrates the first Plan B Forum as a success. This ended on October 29th. Now they take stock and are happy about the lively interest in the first crypto conference, which they want to hold annually. 

Plan B Forum: What is it all about?

Under Mayor Michele Foletti, Lugano wants to rise to become the European crypto center and to dethrone the canton of Zug, known as Crypto Valley.  

The administration of the most populous city in Ticino is ready to do some work for this. Compared to Zug, the main aim is to inspire the broad masses of residents and make crypto an everyday means of payment.

That ‘s why Bitcoin , Tether and their own LVGA token were declared recognized means of payment in the spring . Part of the strategy is an annual meeting. While the pro-Bitcoin initiative is called Plan B , the conference is called the Plan B Forum .

The event will take place in Lugano for the first time on October 28th and 29th. The aim of the conference is to talk about finance and crypto adoption. A particularly important issue is freedom – both financially and more broadly.

First Plan B Forum hosts prominent guests

Around 2,000 guests attended the two-day event, Tether recently explained in a press release . Together with the city of Lugano, the stablecoin company forms the Plan B initiative and is a strong investor.

It has been a pleasure to welcome so many wonderful speakers and guests from all over the world to our innovative city of Lugano over the past few days and I am excited to see what the future holds for financial freedom and the global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Explains Mayor Foletti. Then he continues:

Plan ₿ implemented another important part of the March 3rd announcement with a lavish event. We continue to work to make Lugano a world hub for Bitcoin and blockchain technology adoption.

In fact, the event brought prominent guests from the scene to the city. This includes Stella Assange, lawyer and current wife of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Nick Szabo , Max Keizer and Adam Back were also there.

Plan B Forum in Lugano: summary

As usual, the Plan B Forum also came up with interesting news. The attention enjoyed by the conference was used to present new products and partnerships.

CoinPro summarizes the most important news from the first Plan B Forum in Lugano. The city of Lugano has already announced that it will accept a large number of city fees and taxes in the future in the form of crypto.

Some well-known names in the industry sponsored the event. In addition to Tether, this includes Polygon, the Swiss Blockchain Federation, but also Relai as the manufacturer of the app of the same name.

Cooperation between El Salvador and Lugano

El Salvador is a beacon in the history of bitcoin. The small state was the first country in the world to declare BTC an official means of payment alongside the US dollar. Now the Central American country is entering into a cooperation with Lugano.

The aim of the economic partnership is to promote education and research in favor of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This goal is to be implemented, for example, through the exchange of students and talents.

El Salvador wants to open a “Bitcoin office” in Lugano, run by a consul.

Tether launches P2P system Pear Credit

Tether also announces the launch of Pear Credit . According to their own statements, it is a P2P system that they developed together with Holepunch and Synonym .

This should enable business partners to issue their own credit points without having to communicate via a blockchain. The system should be particularly interesting for all those who grant loans in a wide variety of forms.

This means, for example, payment card providers such as Visa or Mastercard. Companies that issue gift cards are also part of the target group.

We believe that Pear Credit represents an easy-to-use, scalable and flexible solution for any credit originating company in the world; Gift cards, reward tokens, travel miles and stablecoins are all possible.

Says Tether Director Paolo Ardoino.

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