ADA Finance wins the “Best DeFi Project of the Year” award

ADA Finance

The Cardano– and avalanche-driven DeFi ecosystem ADA Finance (ADAFi) was named “Best DeFi Project of the Year” at the AIBC Summit 2021 in Malta.

There was more good news at the event on November 16, when early Bitcoin investor Roger Ver aka “Bitcoin Jesus” joined the project as an investor. ADA Finance is now ready for its wider reach and further development. all of this comes just a month after the project’s first DEX offer (IDO).

The AIBC Summit is one of the most important events in Europe, where developers from the fields of blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies are represented. ADA Finance has now managed to assert itself against serious competition for the coveted award for the best DeFi project. Other contenders for the award were the community-focused DeFi token Safemoon and the ABEYFoundation, which manages the ABEY blockchain protocol and platform. ADA Finance joins the ranks of previous winners of the award, such as the stablecoin platform MakerDAO and the AI-powered DeFi portfolio project SingularityDAO.

The ADA Finance Ecosystem

Roger Ver, a pioneering crypto investor (2011) and former CEO of, has recently shown an interest in the DeFi industry. Ver had previously invested in Ripple (XRP), Kraken, Shapeshift and Bitpay. Now, in addition to ADA Finance, he has made a significant investment in the decentralized Oracle service provider XFai.

In addition to Ver, the cross-chain DeFi ecosystem has attracted several social media influencers. These include crypto analyst and YouTuber Carl Martin (The Moon), the Crypto Banter and MMCrypto. All of this ensures a much greater interest than before and an optimistic outlook for the upcoming ADAFI token IDO.

Another highlight for ADA Finance is the decision to publish its code in a public repository. It is now the first Cardano-based project to take such an innovative step. The code was released under the GNU General Public License. That means anyone can fork him as long as he makes his staking code public. The campaign reflects Cardano’s values: openness, trust and fairness, which prepare the ground for healthy growth and high acceptance. The ADAFi team hopes this significant step will encourage other projects in the Cardano ecosystem to follow suit.

Further developments

In addition, ADA Finance recently announced an academy program in collaboration with the blockchain-based education program Bitdegree. It aims to raise awareness of the Cardano ecosystem and encourage wider participation by the coding community. The program will also empower and make the Layer-One ecosystem more sustainable with a group of talented and fully certified smart contract developers.

All of these successes are already putting ADA Finance on the way for a promising position for the “Best DeFi Project of the Year 2022” award.

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