Ledger Stax: New hardware wallet should make everyday life easier

Ledger Stax

Ledger Stax is the latest model from the French hardware wallet manufacturer. The product is intended to make everyday life easier for crypto users than any comparable device before. It was created through a collaboration with iPod designer Tony Fadell.

Ledger Stax is created in collaboration with iPod designer Tony Fadell

Over the past few days, the French hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger has repeatedly stated that it has a surprise up its sleeve. Now the time has come: Ledger is introducing its latest model – it is called Ledger Stax.

The well-known producer is breaking new ground with this. You say goodbye to the well-known appearance of the Ledger Nano, which is strongly reminiscent of a USB stick. According to Ledger, they have sold five million units of this model series, making them the most popular products of their kind.

The appearance of the Stax is more reminiscent of a smartphone or an iPod. That’s probably no coincidence. After all, Tony Fadell, who already designed Apple’s iPod, was responsible for its design.

Tony Fadell, in collaboration with Layer , designed Ledger Stax as a credit card-sized device with built-in magnets that make it easily stackable — especially for those who own multiple devices.

Explains Ledger in a press release .

What makes the cold wallet special?

Cold wallets, which include hardware wallets such as Ledger products, have long been considered particularly secure in the crypto scene. They are not in constant contact with the Internet. For this reason, however, they mostly serve as storage for digital assets rather than as an everyday purse.

The Ledger Nano X should already attack this view. With the Stax, Ledger now wants to launch a hardware wallet that has what it takes for mass adoption. Everyday transactions with a hardware wallet should work comfortably and easily.

Ledger Stax was developed for the daily handling of your cryptocurrencies and NFTs with good overview and comfort.

So, just like the previous Nano X and Nano S Plus models, unique tokens are also supported. A completely new idea is even being implemented for the Stax. NFTs can now grace the big screen of the device.

This works with the so-called e-ink technology, which is already known from e-book readers. It uses very little power, so the Stax can last for weeks or even months on a single charge.

The Stax can be reached via USB-C and Bluetooth. In addition, the integration of Ledger Connect is to follow, so that the hardware wallet can be used directly for Web3. The battery can be charged via USB-C and via Qi – an induction technology.

“Dealing with Ledger’s proven security technology and trying the best hardware wallets on the market convinced me to build a next-generation device.”

Explains Fadell.

We need a user friendly…no! A delightful tool to bring the best possible backup of digital assets to the rest of us too, not just the geeks.

The designer continues. Compared to the predecessors, the overview has been significantly improved. A large screen makes it clear at first glance which systems are contained in the wallet. The control is based on a touchscreen. The dimensions of the Stax are 8.5 by 5.4 centimeters in length.

The device weighs 45 grams. The e-ink screen is always-on.

Pre-order now directly from Ledger

When will the Ledger Stax be available?

The Ledger Stax can already be pre-ordered for a price of 275 Swiss francs. Delivery is expected from the end of March 2023. It will soon be available in stores, at least in the USA. For example in the US chain Best Buy .

By purchasing a Stax, the user also purchases an Infinity Pass , which gives access to an NFT. Conversely, customers can mint an NFT on the Ledger Market to also receive the Stax.

With Ledger Stax, we’ve created a device that’s cool, beautiful, and fun.

Explains Ledger’s Ian Rogers. This is exactly why the device has the potential to conquer the mass market.

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