Microsoft bans crypto mining via Azure Cloud


Microsoft bans crypto mining via Azure Cloud. The software company is not the first operator of cloud services to prohibit use for cryptocurrency networks.

Microsoft bans crypto mining via Azure Cloud

The software manufacturer Microsoft operates its own cloud service under the name Azure . The US company adjusted its terms of use at the beginning of the month.

In the new version, crypto mining is prohibited unless the user has been explicitly allowed to do so.

Cryptocurrency mining is prohibited without prior approval from Microsoft.

Reads the new version. The adjustment came as part of a whole series of changes that Microsoft says it introduced to securely run the partnership ecosystem between the provider and business customers.

Although there is no more detailed explanation, the explanation suggests that business customers used Azure servers to rent them out or to sell a mining period.

After the sale of cryptocurrencies was banned on some marketplaces like eBay, traders adapted to the new conditions. They then sold their cloud mining services, for example. To date, several such offers can be found on eBay.

Cloud services are increasingly hostile to crypto

Microsoft isn’t the first cloud server provider to take an increasingly hostile stance on cryptocurrencies. Hetzner attracted attention back in October after the company banned its users from running crypto nodes on its servers.

The statement caused a particularly big stir because Hetzner’s servers were among the most influential operators on the Ethereum network. Google got wind of the drama and has been trying to close the gap ever since.

Google Cloud ‘s offerings are even specifically geared towards crypto users . This is how ready-made solutions are provided that make it particularly easy to set up a network node via the Google Cloud.

The solution should primarily benefit independent developers who want to run their own node without having to do a lot of work. However, crypto enthusiasts warn of an increasing centralization of the networks, which could threaten in extreme cases.

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